No Longer Interested in Anything
09 juli 2023 
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No Longer Interested in Anything

Often at Burn Out Poli, we see people coming in who say, "I have no longer interest in anything." This is often the case with young people who have the world at their feet. We often hear from them that they no longer feel any passion or creativity. So, what is going on?

There can be several reasons for this, but it' is interesting to consider: Am I in the right place, am I in the right relationship, in the right environment? Or should I look at myself and think about whether it is about how I perceive things? At Burn Out Poli, we prefer to focus on the latter. We like to look inward instead of pointing fingers and trying to make external changes. We ask ourselves, "What is happening inside me? Why do I have no interest in anything anymore? And what is this feeling, exactly? Is it a kind of numbness where someone feels nothing anymore, or is it truly the beginning of burnout-related symptoms?"

 Stress Response
Our bodies have a limited stress response. We are built for occasional, minor stress followed by a period of relaxation and recovery so that we can continue with life. However, what is happening now is that we are loading too much stress onto ourselves, causing us to burn out faster than we had like. If you do this for too long, one day it will catch up with you.

 Lack of Passion and Creativity
In such a situation, our bodies protect us from excessive stimulation by partially shutting down the neocortex in the brain, which puts us on a lower gear. For many people, this results in a lack of passion and creativity.

We are not talking about a full-blown burnout at this stage, but it is a risk phase, and we say: pay attention. If you no longer have interest in anything, it is a signal from your body that you have too much stress. This means you can no longer utilize your full potential as a person.

If you find yourself in this phase, take a moment to pause and reconnect with yourself. Go back to everything that is still within you. Slow down and see if you can enter a kind of recovery phase. Take it easy, reduce the busyness in your day, especially in the evenings and on weekends. Reconnect with your own motivation and passion.

Reflect on how you feel about where you stand.

Why am I doing this?

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About the author: Barbara Kok
I am privileged to have been guiding others toward a happier and more effortless life since 2007. We sometimes get stuck in negative feelings and limiting beliefs that feel almost like the truth. When this takes too solid a form in our daily lives, especially at work, where challenges can become too great, we become stuck. I look at the individual on a mental, emotional, and physical level. By looking at the whole person in their entire environment, we can address the root cause of the issues. Removing all hindrances at that deepest level creates unprecedented peace and freedom.

Over de schrijver
Ik ben bevoorrecht dat ik hier al sinds 2007 dagelijks anderen mag begeleiden naar een prettiger en moeitelozer leven. We zitten soms vast in negatieve gevoelens en belemmerende overtuigingen, die haast als de waarheid voelen. Als dat te vaste vormen aanneemt in ons dagelijkse leven, in het werk, waar de uitdagingen soms te groot worden, lopen we vast. Ik kijk zowel op mentaal, emotioneel als fysiek niveau naar de ander. Als we namelijk naar de totale mens in zijn gehele omgeving kunnen kijken, kunnen we naar de oorzaak van de problematiek. Op dat diepste niveau alle belemmeringen weg te nemen creëert ongekende rust en vrijheid.
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