Burn Out Poli Zwolle

Burn Out Poli Zwolle

Burn Out Poli is one of the first burnout clinics in the Netherlands and has been treating people with stress and burnout symptoms in a multidisciplinary way since 2007, including at Burn Out Poli Zwolle.

A burnout is a state of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion. Multidisciplinary guidance is essential for serious results. 95% start reintegration within 12 weeks and without relapse.

Burn Out coach in Zwolle

At Burn Out Poli, three coaches guide you. The breakthrough coach focuses on the mental state, the emotion coach teaches you how to deal with emotions in a healthy way and the osteopath fosters the body's recovery.

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Meet the coaches of Burn Out Poli Zwolle

Manon de Haan-Thomas

Breakthrough Coach

Yolan Biemans

Emotion therapist

Annelies Hofstee


Eveline Zeldenthuis

Breakthrough Coach

Marline Schreuder

Emotion therapist

Anita Kuipers

Breakthrough Coach


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Discover what Burn Out Poli can do for you

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