Back at work  in 12 weeks

All the information about a burnout for the employer

Back at work  in 12 weeks

All the information about a burnout for the employer

1 in 6 employees in Dutch organisations experience stress symptoms and mention burnout symptoms. These individuals might suddenly find themselves homebound for a year. A nightmare scenario for the employer and even more so for the employee. (Numbers from CBS/TNO 2022)

For more than 15 years, Burn Out Poli has been providing exceptionally fast and sustainable solutions with a revolutionary and 3D Burn Out Programme: in 12 weeks, clients have lost their burnout symptoms and return to work full of energy and inspiration. Without vague or lengthy trajectories, just sustainable and fast results.

Does your employee mention burnout symptoms, stress, or signs of exhaustion? This test allows them to check if treatment is needed.

Burnout treatment

What can you expect from Burn Out Poli?

Burn Out Poli treats increased stress, symptoms of exhaustion or burnout through an intensive, multidisciplinary 3D approach. This implies that three different therapists will collaborate with the employee in our clinics in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Zwolle, Eindhoven, Utrecht or The Hague.

This delivers extremely fast, sustainable and long-lasting results. Your employee receives a toolkit for the next 40 years because we coach based on the origination. With the goal to get back to work in 12 weeks.

For each burnout client, we create a custom-made Burn Out Programme combining:

1. Breakthrough coaching focused on the mental state

2. Guided internal self-exploration focused on the emotional experience

3. Osteopathy and lifestyle advice focused on recovery and total relaxation of the physical body

How does Burn Out Poli do this?

To get an employee moving again in 12 weeks, quick action is a must:

Free consultation at Burn Out Poli.
No waiting lists, an intake interview within 3 days.
You receive your treatment plan within 5 days after approval.
Multidisciplinary guidance, integrated under one roof.
Reintegration starts within 12 weeks.
A success rate of 95%.
The coaches of Burn Out Poli are certified and educated at the University of Applied Sciences accredited Unlimited Academy.
Since 2007, Burn Out Poli has
 guided thousands of burnout
back to the workplace.
Sustainable results. Aftercare

 and intervision for a full year. 

Absenteeism is the biggest expense for an employer

Absenteeism costs employers about €400 per day. In the case of burnout, the CBS registers an average of 250 days of absenteeism. This quickly amounts to an expense of more than €100,000 per employee, excluding replacement costs. Reintegrating within 12 weeks with guidance from Burn Out Poli costs an employer a maximum of €5,500!

Burn Out Poli creates personal programmes, tailored to the individual situation and wishes of the employee. Part of the Burn Out Programme is reimbursed by health insurers. Based on the insurance policy, we can provide insight into the total investment for the programme. It is our experience that many employers cover the majority of the costs of the burnout programme because the fast reintegration through Burn Out Poli saves them a significant amount.

This reduces the employer's risk of financial penalties under the Improved Gatekeeper Act (applicable since 2017).

Good for the employer and very beneficial for the employee.

The Dutch law: ‘Wet Verbetering Poortwachter’ (The Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act)

The law ‘Wet Verbetering Poortwachter’ (The Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act) makes the employer more responsible than ever for effective absenteeism guidance and reintegration to get the employee back to work as quickly as possible after dropping out. Financial penalties can be imposed if the employer does not make efforts for its responsibilities. Fast and sustainable reintegration in the case of a burnout is the goal of Burn Out Poli, as well as:

  • raising awareness and vitality for employees
  • preventing relapse into stress symptoms
  • creating healthy and stress-free organisations

When it comes to burnout prevention, this concerns:

Being better able to deal with daily stress and high workload;
Better balancing your work-private life;
Less worrying, being more in touch with your feelings and body;
Boosting self-confidence in challenging times;
Letting go of social fears and assertively standing up for yourself;
Recognising and taking control of the effect of your own behaviour on others;
Being able to act more decisively, making choices and decisions;
Giving a positive impulse to your work, career, relationship and life in general.
We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you in a personal conversation. Contact us to speak to an experienced coach.

Themed Workshops

Burn Out Poli offers more than 20 themed workshops, such as:

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