Burnout Recovery Program

Feel good again within 12 weeks

Burnout Recovery Program

Feel good again within 12 weeks

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Back to work within 12 weeks

Why do you get a burnout?

A growing number of employees and the self-employed fall victim to long term absenteeism; they can no longer keep up in this confusing, changing society. They can no longer combine 60 hours per week at their PCs with a relaxed private life; healthcare staff are struggling with insufficient time at the bedside, and too many nurses are becoming overworked and stressed because they can no longer perform as required by both patient and employer; owner-directors of small and medium-sized businesses eventually collapse after months of struggling with overly high fixed costs, and responsible, involved managers are losing their oversight now that they are running things from a distance.

There are countless examples of diehards in our society who would love to carry on, but, to their frustration, are confronted with the limitations of their own energy, the limits of their emotional capabilities and other checkpoints of their health. The most recent numbers from the CBS/TNO survey last November showed that 17% of our workforce reported burnout symptoms in 2022. This represents more than 1.3 million employees, a number that is still increasing. In addition, the burnout phenomenon is now not only affecting professionals in complex occupations, but also an increasing number of people who never previously mentioned work pressure.

What happens if you ignore a burnout for too long?

Burnout happens to people who have continued to work for years solely based on a strong sense of responsibility; workers who always want to perform well for others, perfectionists and reliable colleagues who have picked up the work from others in periods of increased work pressure and absenteeism. These are the victims of burnout. These are not the losers but the diehards, the champions of our society. People who have crossed their own mental and emotional limits and eventually collapse physically because their body is fully exhausted after months or even years of hard work.

Physically, this usually means that the body has experienced chronic stress for too long. Some acute stress is fine, we can all handle that, however if it lasts too long without the opportunity of recovery, the silent killer named 'adrenal fatigue' starts its stealthy work. What happens is that after a considerable period of sustained stress, the adrenal glands are driven to extra production of adrenaline, predominantly to be able to continue and survive. At the end, after months of continuation (despite signals from the stressed, overtired body), the adrenaline is depleted and the diehard also becomes exhausted. This is the moment when many people suddenly collapse, black out, can’t utter a single word anymore, end up on the couch like a zombie, cry for hours or sleep the day away.

This is currently very recognisable for many (remote) working diehards, who previously barely complained about stress or fatigue, yet now must combine too many tasks. That is what burnout is, and you wouldn't wish that upon anyone, not even upon the comfortable critic who thinks that burnout is just for losers…

Recovery from a burnout

Are you experiencing stress symptoms, feeling exhaustion, or do you have symptoms of a burnout? You can feel good again within 12 weeks and no longer live your life stressed out, after the burnout treatment from Burnout Poli.

Since 2007, we have been coaching people with burnout-related complaints in our proven effective 3D coaching programme. This unique multidisciplinary approach consisting of breakthrough coaching, emotion training, lifestyle advice, and osteopathy, delivers extremely fast and sustainable results.

The Burnout Recovery Programme is unique and you can do this at our branches in Voorburg, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Zwolle, Eindhoven, and Amsterdam.

How does a burnout programme work at Burnout Poli?

At Burnout Poli, three different coaches will work with you. The sessions are intensive and last 2.5 hours. The coaches all have their own area of expertise and meet weekly.

1. Breakthrough Coaching

The breakthrough coach helps you change undesired patterns and negative thoughts, stop the worrying and teaches you to handle challenging situations differently.

2. Emotion Training

The emotion therapist helps you to remove fixed emotions and obstructing beliefs. In addition, you learn to deal with daily emotions in a healthy way in the future.

3. Osteopathy

The osteopath helps you relax physically, remove physical stress, and how to build up and preserve new energy in the future.
Good to know
  • The intake interview can take place without a referral from a company doctor or general practitioner.

  • A burnout programme is always custom-made.

  • Subsequently, three different coaches will work intensively with you

  • The coach manages your programme to advise and guide you in the contacts with the referrer and employer.

  • We will discuss any possible costs of your burnout programme with your insurer and employer; 80% of our programmes are paid for by employers.

  • You can start immediately at Burnout Poli; we do not have a waiting list.

Take your first step today

Burnout Treatment Step-by-Step Plan

Step 1

You will have an intake interview within 3 days.

Step 2

You will receive your personal programme within 5 days after approval of the quote.

Step 3

Professional counselling by 3 practitioners takes place under one roof, under the supervision of your personal coordinator who is also the contact person for the referrer and employer.

Step 4

You start reintegration within 12 weeks.

Step 5

You receive a full year of aftercare and intervision.

Step 6

This will deliver a sustainable and lasting result, without relapse.

What does a burnout treatment cost?

After our free introductory meeting, we will create a personal coaching programme for you, tailored to your individual situation. A portion of the Burnout Programme is reimbursed by health insurers. Based on your insurance policy, we can provide insight into the total investment for your programme. It is our experience that many employers cover the largest part of the programme costs, as rapid reintegration provides great cost savings; a bonus for both you and the employer.

After an intake interview, we develop an overview for you personally. We will present this to your employer in consultation with you. You don’t have to worry about this.

Tax Deduction

Education costs (including VAT), such as career or job coaching, are deductible. Preconditioned is that the costs are for the purpose of obtaining a new job, or orientation for one. Almost all career guidance costs are deductible. You do need to spend more than €250 for it to be deductible. It is advised to contact the Tax Authorities if you would like to make these costs deductible.


If you have an employer, they often have a budget available for staff development. As an employee, you can claim this and spend it on coaching, training or education. Ask your employer if they want to invest in your growth or employability.

Want to know more about our treatment?

Make an appointment without obligation for an intake interview!

What can you expect from Burnout Poli?

We choose for an intensive, sometimes confrontational, although frequently proven, effective approach. You will feel good again within 12 weeks.

Aftercare Burnout Treatment

Prevent the recurrence of burnout symptoms and complaints.

After your burnout programme, you will receive customised aftercare from Burnout Poli.

It is our vision and the common thread in Burnout Poli's programmes that our clients can move independently to the next phase of their life, equipped with self-knowledge and a toolbox for the coming 40 years after their programme.

Mirror Clubs

  • The second Tuesday of the month, a live session from 7:30-9:00 pm in Voorburg by Harriët.
  • The last Tuesday of the month, a live session from 7:30-9:00 pm by Katelijne.
  • The third Tuesday of the month, an online session from 7:30-9:00 pm by Harriët.
  • There is no Mirror Club in December.

Client Experiences

"After an intake interview with Barbara, I embarked on a beautiful journey within/with myself under the guidance of a coach, an emotion coach and osteopath, and I discovered what I had been missing."


"I was at a loss for a while. I cried about almost anything, while I am actually a happy and cheerful person. Through intensive guidance by Burnout Poli, I got back on top." 


"The added value for me was really in the multidisciplinary approach where you work on improving yourself at different levels. The biggest insight was my 'control mechanism'."


Do I have the features of a burnout?

Do you have many burnout related complaints? Do you even suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, or do you feel overwhelmed? Do you recognise symptoms such as panic, depressed feelings, insecurity, emotional mood swings, squabbles and irritation? Do you feel as if you are losing control and oversight?

In an obligation-free and costless intake interview, we determine whether you actually have burnout symptoms and what treatment is best for these.

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