Burn Out Treatment in Amsterdam 
by Burn Out Poli

Burn Out Treatment in Amsterdam by Burn Out Poli

Life in Amsterdam is busy and hectic, much is demanded at work, agendas are overflowing with deadlines, and everyone in Amsterdam also seems to have a vibrant social life. Drinks in the city, eating out with friends and then everything becomes more expensive. All this and many other factors can cause an incredible sense of pressure for many people living in our capital.

It starts with stress, poor sleep, not feeling like social activities and before you know it you're in a Burn Out. You have come to the right place, Burn Out Poli is one of the first burn out clinics in the Netherlands and has been treating people with stress and burn out complaints in a multidisciplinary manner since 2007. This is also the case at Burn Out Poli Amsterdam.

Burn Out coach in Amsterdam

At Burn Out Poli you will be guided by three coaches with the unique holistic 3D method. We are the only company in the Netherlands to combine at the same time:
1. Goal-oriented breakthrough coaching on the mental state
2. Emotion training on underlying beliefs by the emotion coach
3. Physical treatment, lifestyle advice and promoting the recovery of the body with osteopathy

These are the symptoms of a Burn Out, do you recognize them?

  • Worrying
  • Bad sleeping
  • Taking some distance from work
  • Withdrawing from your social environment 
  • Not looking forward to tomorrow
  • Not looking forward to work

Discover what Burn Out Poli can do for you

Meet the coaches of Burn Out Poli Amsterdam

Michael Beers

Breakthrough coach

Katrien Visser

Emotion therapist

Erik Veldman


Fleur Huigsloot

Breakthrough coach

Inez Hafkamp

Emotion therapist

Pauline Hoogland



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Discover what Burn Out Poli can do for you

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